Kam’s purpose is to inspire and educate people to lookafter themselves. Often we forget to look after the number one person in our lives - which is OURSELVES! 
With her talks Kam motivate people to go on healthy living style, with her warm and engaging speaking Kam knows how to move and inspire an audience.
Kam has spend 3 years learning her subject on Acupuncture and a life time experience with great depth of knowledge. She has the ability to connect and resonate  with an audience leaving them inspired, motivated and wanting to learn more.
To book Kam please contact : acupunctureineden@gmail.com   OR  aiekam@icloud.com

Talk Tittles

Needles to Nappies
Acupuncture with Qi and Blood
Better Out than In 
Let food be Your Medicine 
You only have one Body and one Mind

Acupuncture in Edenbridge and Tonbridge Local Area

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